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Mobile Massage

Good day! I am a licensed massage therapist who brings all of my equipment to your home, apartment, office, or other venues, to deliver massage services to you. Please feel free to contact me about massage, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, or… Continue Reading →

Massage Services Re-Open

The governor of Texas allowed me to reopen my massage services last week and this past Saturday was my first day available. Below you will find the policies and procedures I am following. If you have any questions or concerns… Continue Reading →

Closed until April 4th due to the Coronavirus

It has been brought to our attention that Governor Abbot did include ‘massage parlors’ in his executive action so we are therefore closed for business until April 3. We will be sure to update you all around then. Thank you… Continue Reading →

Therapeutic Massage – My deep tissue philosophy

The purpose of this article is to convey my own philosophy about therapeutic deep tissue massage work. You should not have to be in pain for a week to feel good after a massage. I will tell you a few… Continue Reading →

Day in the life of a self-employed male massage therapist

As I prepare for bed at night I take a look at the next day’s schedule. Tomorrow could be slow on the schedule, or it could be slammed, or it could be nice and spread out giving me ample time… Continue Reading →

To underwear, or not, in your massage?

Why remove your underwear? Stretching concerns? As humorous as that title is, I get asked questions about this subject often. Whether being asked by a new client who may have only seen me once or twice or from a regular… Continue Reading →

Chronic Pain

To begin, I would like everyone reading this to know that I am not a doctor, nor can I diagnose medical issues in your body. My articles are written observing actual issues I encounter in my massage practice. The results… Continue Reading →

FEAR…Just Take the First Step

I have known various kinds of fear throughout my life. Some are not so bad and do not take very much effort to confront and move past, but some are paralyzing. The fear that paralyzes you is most likely different… Continue Reading →

Where is the pain coming from?

Do you find yourself asking this question? Maybe is starts with a little discomfort in an area, say around one of your shoulder blades? You find yourself moving the scapula around, trying to see if it is just a kink…. Continue Reading →

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