Promoting alternative ways to help you manage your pain, and developing a space for you filled with acceptance, patience, and empathy.

Are you suffering with chronic pain? Are your current attempts to deal with this pain failing?

Woman sufferingA lot of the people we see are suffering from pain caused by years, or decades, of posture problems, as well as a sedentary lifestyle for a lot of us. Some of these problems are compounded by workout routines that are targeting the wrong muscles, making the muscle imbalance even worse, which in turn causes more pain. We are creating video series for stretches, workout modifications, and other subjects, in the hope of giving you resources which may help you alleviate your pain. This is merely educational material. Even if the stretches and other things demonstrated could help you, it all depends on how much you do them for you to see results. This is not a pain killer pill or instant gratification type of deal…you will need to work at this, but we are here to help you.

Breathe written in pink neonWe will say upfront that there are some types of chronic pain issues that will not be solved by stretching, for example, but we are willing to try with you. We empathize with those of you who feel hopeless, thinking that you may never stop feeling whatever pain you are experiencing. We are not here to judge anyone, and truly hope to bring you love and acceptance no matter what your issues may be.


What We Hope To Do

We are developing our presence on the Internet to help bring you education, love, and acceptance. There are people in this world who criticize themselves far worse than anyone else can, ranging from body image issues to thoughts such as, “I am not good enough…” We have worked with many people who are in chronic pain, as well as those who have just had pain flare up in them recently.Inspirational wall People come to us in various stages of self-awareness, some of them discussing the wealth of information they have researched online about their current issues, and some coming to us because someone referred them to a massage / cupping therapist or a yoga class. No matter your situation, we are here to help you in any way possible.

At Wellness Integration Center, your wellness goals are our focus.

Our desire is to provide the community with multiple services that support an individual’s needs, whether that is in support of healing a current ailment, or condition, or perhaps maintain the body’s current healthfulness. We wish to provide a safe and nurturing environment, allowing us to execute these services to the benefit of your body, mind and spirit.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

Buddhist proverb

Meet Our Team


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Jason Shipman

LMT / Reflexology / Lymphatic Drainage

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Janine Shipman

Yoga Instructor / Reiki Master

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Ann Goad

Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) / Reiki

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Lori Bazor

Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)

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Welcome to Our Space

Whether it is suggested by your healthcare professional to support a current malady, or general interest in maintaining your well-being, we utilize various modalities of massage, cupping, yoga, reiki, and reflexology to help you achieve your wellness goals.

We believe in treating our clients as we would like to be treated ourselves. You can use our services without all the hassles of memberships or contracts that lock you in to long-term plans.

We offer wellness packages that combine some of our services at a discounted rate. These packages can be purchased individually, or may be set up on a recurring basis with the ability for you to cancel at any time.