The field of massage therapy encompasses many modalities, or techniques, that therapists can be trained in and use to help you remove as much of your pain and suffering as possible. We have not seen a single therapist that is trained and fluent in every modality of massage available, so you may have to try different therapists to find what works the best for you. This page contains only the modalities of massage that our therapists are trained in. Please know that most of our therapists will combine many different techniques to work through the issues you indicate in the time you allow.

Massage Modalities

Woman receiving swedish massage techniques
Swedish Massage

Swedish massage has many techniques associated with it, but in general, the therapist uses long, gliding strokes to relax the muscles of your body. Firm pressure can be used with these techniques, but deep pressure is not used.

Other techniques include kneading, friction, vibration, and tapotement (to rap, or drum) to name just a few. We recommend communicating with your therapist throughout your massage session to tailor the session to your needs at the present moment.

Deep tissue massage with an elbow
Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue is the manipulation of the deeper layers of muscle and soft tissues in the body. The therapist uses warm oils, or lotions, and direct pressure to relax the top layer of muscle in order to reach deeper layers of the muscle tissue.

What you may experience in this type of massage depends on the therapist you are seeing, but “no pain, no gain,” is not something our therapists agree with. Given enough time, your muscles will relax enough for the therapist to reach the deeper muscles.

Woman receiving prenatal massage.
Prenatal Massage

Pre-natal, or pregnancy, massage modifies the Swedish massage techniques mentioned above, allowing the therapist to work on the pregnant woman in what is known as the side-lying position. The therapist uses pillows along the body to support and position the client, bringing the legs in line with the hips and taking pressure off the already overworked low back area.

Some deep tissue techniques can be used on the upper body in this position, but no deep tissue work may be done below the waist.

Our mobile massage vehicle
Mobile Massage

Mobile massage services are available. The therapist needs a clear area in your home, hotel, rental, etc., of approximately 10′ X 10′, to setup their table and other equipment to bring your massage experience to you. The mobile massage services cost more than our regular services due to set up/break down and travel time.

We can also provide massage for your events or parties, whether they be Girls’ Day, Bachelorette, or other similar themed events. Jason has done these kinds of events in Houston, League City, Galveston, and Austin, TX, as well as Louisana and North Carolina.

Please contact us with any questions you have regarding our mobile services.

Image of woman receiving lymphatic drainage.
Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymph Drianage Massage (LDM) is a light touch therapy that uses a gentle, rhythmic style of massage that mimics the action of the lymphatic system. The goal is to reduce edema. Edema is an unusal accumulation of fluid in soft tissues that can be temporary and mild or serious, as in chronic lymphedema.

This type of massage is also beneficial to post-operative patients who have had procedures such as tummy tucks, breast augmentation, or liposuction done. Please check with your doctor and get their approval before scheduling one of these sessions.

Woman receiving a chair massage.
Chair Massage

Chair massage is a style of seated massage that is typically short — 10 to 20 minutes — and focuses on your back, shoulders, neck, and arms.

Chair massage is done over clothes and doesn’t require any massage oil or lotion, making it an excellent choice for corporate/business office staff.

What should you expect on your first visit?

Hopefully, you will not be filled with anxiety about your first massage session with us. We have been told our studio is extremely peaceful, and relaxing. Our massage therapists truly care for you, and want you to have a great experience with us.

You should arrive five to ten minutes early on the day of your appointment, which will allow you to fill out the massage client intake form without cutting into your massage time. After filling out your intake form, your therapist will read it over and discuss your current issues with you to make sure there aren’t any conditions present that rule out having a massage due to any health risks. We are looking to modify our massage techniques to meet your expectations/goals. Once you and your therapist have discussed how the massage will proceed, you will be asked to undress to your comfort level while the therapist leaves the room to wash their hands.

Your comfort level is VERY important to us. You will be covered at all times during your session. If you are comfortable removing all of your clothing, that is fine. If you are not, please leave your underwear on. If you are not comfortable, it will be more difficult to relax during your session. Communication is extremely important during your session to help us both with your comfort level. Please speak up if you need anything changed.

Regarding areas of the body…

We will NOT be massaging the front of your pelvis. Ladies, we will not be massaging your breast tissue, unless you request it. If you have an issue in that area or the underlying muscles, discuss it with your therapist beforehand, AND fill out the appropriate form with the information required by the State of Texas, then your therapist may massage your breast area. If you did not do any of that, your breast tissue will not be touched.

How much of your scheduled session time do you get?

This is not one of those big chains type of studio. We give you your full session time. If you book an hour, you receive at least sixty (60) minutes, not less than an hour [usually fifty (50) minutes] like those other places.

Special Note

Massage sessions involve you removing some, or all, of your clothing depending on your comfort level, but massage is not about sex. We want to reassure you that no inappropriate conversation or touching will occur during your session. You will not be exposed in any way that is deemed inappropriate.