Client is an Asian male, approximately forty (40) years of age. Client lifts weights on a regular basis, up to six (6) times per week.

Client Issue: Client described numbness in his ring and pinky fingers, and the lateral edge of his forearms that extended all the way to his elbow. This numbness was present on both arms. Numbness had been present for over one month. Client had seen his doctor, who then referred him to an orthopedic surgeon, who then referred him to a neurologist. The numbness had not lessened during this entire month of seeing all of these doctors.

Client Treatment: The licensed massage therapist performed deep tissue massage, focusing on the client’s forearms. A modified triggerpoint approach was used on his pronator teres and supinator muscles in the forearms. While holding the triggerpoint areas of the flexor & extensor muscles in the forearm, stretches were performed for the flexors (the muscles on the anterior side of the forearm) and extensor muscles of the forearms. After approximately ten to twenty minutes of this work was done, the client reported all the feeling returning to his forearms and fingers.

After the client reported all the feeling in his limbs had returned, the therapist asked what had changed in his workout routine. The client reported that nothing had changed, but the therapist asked him again. After thinking about for a couple of minutes, the client reported that his trainer had switched his routine to use Sumo Deadlifts and dumbbell Hammer Curls the week before the numbness appeared. This indicated that the client has not been stretching the forearms enough. The therapist demonstrated some forearm stretches, and the client left happy, with full feeling restored to his arms and fingers.