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Karri A.

Karri A. profile picture

I’ve always carried my pain and tension in my neck and shoulders, but I also developed lower back issues. Jason did a thorough assessment of my background health history, sleeping, and activity level, and my posture to determine the best therapeutic techniques to start with. I noticed immediate results but knew it was a process that also included stretching and postural corrections in between massages to see the best results. I now get a therapeutic massage monthly to maintain progress and to prevent pain from returning. Jason gave me the information and guidance I needed to improve my posture and flexibility to remain as pain-free as possible.

Ali A.

Oh my where do I start, I have never met a massage therapist and business owner who cares about his clients more than Jason in my life and I have tried everything from China town massage places to 5 star resort spa massages. Jason took his time, listened to me and my concerns and even pointed out some things that I didn’t notice that could help me.

Now for the main event the massage was the most relaxing massage I ever but it also relieved my pain with minimal discomfort (I truly thought you could get one or the other). I can’t say enough good things about Jason and his business, you have to try him to believe it. Thank you.

Your client for life
Ali(like the boxer)

Lauren O.

I had been referred to Jason by my chiropractor when I was pregnant, but held on to the card and hesitated to call because he was, well a “he.” I went to Jason because I was desperate and I am so glad I did…The massage was the best I have EVER had, and the techniques were different than your typical massage therapist. He knows the body and I gained not only a massage but also a wealth of information. The massage left me feeling relaxed and refreshed, something I had not felt since before pregnancy over a year ago.

Devon B.

As someone who suffers from scoliosis and leads an active lifestyle, I am often in pain and thoroughly enjoy receiving massages. I’ve thought of myself to become somewhat of a connoisseur over the years, in fact. Not only is Jason Shipman a sweetheart, he consistently delivers hands down (no pun intended) the best massages I have ever received. He takes his time to understand where your pain and discomfort is located, explains different techniques he can employ, and always ensures the pressure is to your liking. He is very professional and has wonderful energy that he puts into each and every massage. I will never again waste time with other massage therapists who feel like they hurry through the massage, don’t take time to understand your needs, and leave you feeling unsatisfied. I can’t wait for my next massage!

Todd M.

I have been experiencing chronic pain on the right side of my neck for several months now and have, up until recently assumed it was related to a misaligned neck. After several visits to a chiropractor, (who is quite talented in his own right and also honest) it became clear that my issue might be best treated through massage.

Therein lies the rub. Finding a professional, talented and above all knowledgeable therapist is not an easy task. Oh yes, there are some chains out there promising various treatment regimens and “packages” along with “special promotions” out there, but I needed someone who could actually listen to my issue and work with me to isolate the area causing the pain and propose a treatment strategy.

I contacted several offices in my local area offering such services and after extensive due diligence, I chose to try the Wellness Integration Center for an introductory session, primarily because of the time and attention given to me on the telephone when I made my initial enquiry.

Today was my second appointment with Jason Shipman. In two appointments and in almost as many weeks, I have already experienced a major reduction in pain and have been feeling much much better. Not only has he diagnosed the root cause of my pain, but he treats it effectively, efficiently and at a very reasonable price. I can’t give a more compelling review in terms of my level of satisfaction with Jason.

Gina W.

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Just had a phenomenal massage!! I am a mobile pet groomer. I do lots of driving, bending, stooping, lifting, etc. After my massage I noticed that my posture was completely different! My shoulders were actually in place where they are supposed to be. Jason is very knowledgeable and explained things to me that I can do on my own to help to improve my aches and pains that I am having.

Personalized, individualized care! From making the appointment to the time I walked out of the door, my experience was absolutely wonderful and flawless!

Bernadette A.

Jason is awesome! I’ve had several massages from him & felt great after each and every one. I’m a runner, so I get sore muscles on occasion. Jason’s knowledge of the body’s muscles and how everything works together is extensive, so he’s always able to help me out AND explains what he’s doing in the process. I also have migraine headaches and often have very tense muscles in my neck and upper shoulder area, so Jason’s massages do wonders for that as well. In addition to having great technique, he actually takes the time to talk with you and ask you what you need; he then makes an assessment and a plan & then gets to work. After a massage from Jason, I go away not only feeling better, but having a much better understanding of my body and why I’m experiencing pain. I would absolutely recommend Jason to anyone who needs/wants a fantastic treat for your muscles!

Bengi M.

I have known Jason for years. He has been a tremendous help to me. What I like about him to most is that he takes his job very seriously, he is very compassionate about helping people, as well as delivering a decent service to his clients whether they are new or not. He is consistently on time, responsible, reliable and very professional which is a quality that is not easy to find these days.

Gina G.

Jason is a very gifted massage therapist. He always takes the time to ask you how you’re feeling, or if there are any specific areas you’re having trouble with before he even starts the massage. He not only listens to what you tell him, but also what your body tells him. Hands down the best massage I’ve ever had! Jason and Janine are the perfect duo to help you remove the stress from your life! Janine’s yoga will help you heal your mind and spirit while Jason’s massage will help work out the kinks from daily stresses. I highly recommend them and you won’t be sorry for giving them a chance.

Cindy C.

Jason is very professional and knowledgeable with what he does. His massages are the only ones I have had that I can say I feel better for the rest of the week because of them. He truly and honestly cares for his clients. And to top it all off he is an all around great guy. Try him, you’ll love him too.

Jenny S.

My first experience with Jason was for an anniversary couples massage. I had the good fortune for him to work on me and Ill never use anyone else again. I’m not someone who feels comfortable around new people easily but I felt very comfortable and relaxed from the first visit. Very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and very easy to communicate with. I’ve recommended him to family and friends without hesitation. I scheduled a session with Jason for my husband and he now will no longer use anyone but Jason as well. He has given me a better quality of life with pains I have with my hips and shoulder and I’m just so thankful for his skill. If you are reading this to help you make a decision about scheduling an appointment, then don’t hesitate. It will be the best phone call you could make!

Carla K.

Jason gave the BEST massage I’ve EVER had. I promise you will not be disappointed. He takes his time, listens to you and your body leaving you feeling relaxed and stress free. I can’t wait to schedule my next appointment.

Heather T.

I have been visiting Jason regularly for over a year now and am so impressed by the attention and service that he provides. No other local therapist comes close in providing a customized service so in tune to what you need. When you see Jason for a massage, you come out refreshed, completely relaxed and feeling amazing. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Geanine J.

Jason is awesome! I have received several massages from him. He really listens to you about your problems and find the best solution to get your body feeling better. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. After the first massage I was hooked and you will be too.

Sheri M.

Jason is a super massage therapist. He takes the time to listen to what your true needs are and takes care of them. His massages are like no others. After receiving a massage from Jason I am completely relaxed and pain free. He is an absolute miracle worker!