What to expect on your first yoga class?

I can only reflect on my own experience, and the few (yet very vulnerable) feedback I have received. Don’t expect anything is my best advice. However, people do come in feeling a range of things, from a little embarrassed to outright ashamed. I think the thoughts are (no matter how skinny you are) “how did I get my body to this point where I can’t even touch my toes?”

And for someone to come in and get on the floor with me like this is probably the most courageous person I have ever met. There is so much judgement that the mind does when you are moving and reaching through the different positions. I seek to tell you, and remind myself, that although you DO have a goal in mind to PLEASE feel grateful for the position that you are in NOW. And this very simple life lesson will spread across into all aspects of your life.

But again, don’t expect it.